One foot at a time

A friend from the original Brilliant Ladies Handbag Club sent me the photo below this week, during a week of self-doubt and anxiety and general woe. Not from anything major, just the current lockdown, working at home, kids having a tricky time sort of stuff.

This helped me for two reasons: one, that someone was thinking of me. Two, that I have been things so many things before, this is just one of many. And it’s not always necessary to do something momentous – rather, just to keep plodding on.

So that’s it for this week. Turn up, do the things you need to. Meal plan, shop, use up leftovers. Hug the kids, make time to play with them, don’t feel bad about putting them in front of the TV when it’s all a bit much. Have a walk, have a nap. Have a little cry in the bath. Then get up and carry on. Remember what you have, how hard some of it might have been, how you have always made it through. Keep going. You got this.